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The magical life of “Sânziene”

Sânziene, in Romanian, means Lady’s Bedstraw. Discover the legend beyond the celebration of Sânziene and the curative power of these wild flowers.

Sânziene, in Romanian, means Lady’s Bedstraw

By Midsummer, the rural landscapes are already covered in the most magnificent watercolors of bright yellows and vibrant greens.

As you walk in the tall grass, veils of minute, dotted flowers, bearing the most welcoming summer yellows, softly dance to the rhythm of the wind.

Lady’s Bedstraw flowers diffuse their honey-like smell all around the meadow, inviting you to rejoice the pure sentiment of L’été toujours.

In the Orthodox tradition, here in Romania, the 24th day of June is a very special day. Firstly, the Christian calendar marks the birth of John the Baptist.

Ralu wearing the Romanian traditional blouse, IA (pronouned “ee-ah”) and caring for her laurel tree

Also, today we proudly celebrate The Universal Day of Ia (Romanian traditional blouse) 💛

The legends behind the “Sânziene”

As generational storytelling would go, rooted deeply in our national culture is the celebration of “Sânziene” – which, in translation, is “Lady’s Bedstraws”. Mithological creatures, the “Sânziene” impersonated the Priestesses of the Sun, very beautiful women, who were hiding, eerily floating and flying through the dark woods at night.

These magical apparitions are said to touch ground during the night between the 23rd and the 24th of June, when they would start singing and dancing in circles, blessing the earth for richness, and the women with love & fertility.

The “Sânziene” are known to spread their healing power over people’s illnesses, worries and troubles, like the good fairies they are.

It’s said that during the night before the Day of Sânziene, the gates of the skies open so wide, that miracles are bound to happen. Some people even take this chance to reach for the ones who are no longer with them.

There are many rituals around this celebration, some of them being about young women finding their soulmate.💛🤭

The curative power of Lady’s Bedstraw

Beyond the myths and traditions around this summer flower, Lady’s Bedstraw is also an amazing remedy for various physical therapies, both internal and cosmetic.

Consumed internally, it has a calming, relaxing effect, they help with digestion, thyroid, vocal cords.

In cosmetic therapies, tea infusions with Lady’s Bedstraw flowers are extremely hydrating and calming for the facial skin. Plus an great anti-aging remedy.

Magical, indeed 😊

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