Sunday Poem | “A Brave and Startling Truth”, by Maya Angelou

Today’s choice is Maya Angelou’s “A Brave and Startling Truth”. This poem was composed by Maya Angelou especially for the United Nation’s 50th Anniversary back in 1995. It speaks about our journey in this universe, where we’re “traveling through casual space”, our journey in our global space and history, but also about our journey towards what’s ahead of us.
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bay laurel tree leaves

Like an evergreen laurel tree

A short spin around the inspiration behind the name "LAUREL" and how this journal seeks to explore the many facets of our inner and outer world with a balanced, conscious and creative approach towards leading a life to love and cherish.
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A life of bravery

Being brave is going through this life journey, along with all these things - good and bad -, sitting down with them from time to time, or face to face with ourselves, to see what choices we should make next, what changes we should embrace about ourselves and deal with all the pain that might still exist.
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