Raw pollen and its wonderful powers over our health

Sharing a #HolyRitual I have in the morning, which is eating a teaspoon of raw pollen on an empty stomach, along with details about the benefits of raw pollen for a healthy living.

The other day, I published a post on social media about a #HolyRitual I have in the morning, which is eating a teaspoon of raw pollen on an empty stomach, as per my sweet caring mother’s recommendation.

However, I thought it could be useful to add some more details to that post, so I decided to put it here, on the website, as well, where I would expand the benefits list and also a bit of context on how raw pollen is made. At the end of the article, you’ll also find some nutritional facts I found online, should you be interested in tracking that type of information.

What is pollen?

Raw pollen is a fine dust that forms in the stamens of flowers, which is harvested by the bees and then mixed with their saliva and nectar or honey, forming small grains, completely edible for humans. 

Not only are they edible, but these raw pollen grains are an extraordinary superfood, extremely nourishing and healthy for the human body. There are many types of raw pollen, as it can be harvested from different species of flowers – either mixed or singular species. Thus, we have pollen made from multi-flower harvest, roses, mountain flowers, apple tree blooms, cherry tree blooms, walnut tree blooms etc., as well as from willow trees and many more.

My mom brought me a multi-flower type of pollen, so when I first tasted it, it felt like I was diving into a fully-bloomed flower bouquet, both weird and good at the same time 😅. Eventually, I got used to it and now it’s something I do every morning, before breakfast.

How is pollen made?

The raw pollen is transported by the bees in little sacks located on their back legs. You should know that the bees are super smart about collecting the right pollen for their hive, as they only harvest it directly from the flower stamens. That is because there’s also the wind-carried type of pollen – not edible, on the contrary, it can be toxic, as it is mixed with all kinds of bad substances, and it is the one who causes allergies in some people.

Our darling hardworking bees are truly some other kind of heroes, because they make this amazing nutriment be available for the human species as well.

Important benefits of consuming raw pollen

Super-rich in proteins, vitamins (especially A and B-complex), minerals, antioxidants and enzymes, raw pollen is a true miracle of nature, with a whole lot of health benefits, like (but not limited to):

✔ energy & immunity boost

✔ fights anemia & tiredness

✔ protects the respiratory system, due to its containing selenium, a great antioxidant

✔ intestinal flora regeneration, being an amazing vegetal probiotic

✔ strengthens the cardiovascular system

✔ protection from chronic diseases

✔ keeps cholesterol levels in check, by lowering the bad cholesterol

✔ reduces inflammation in the body

✔ great detoxifier

✔ helps men fight against prostate issues, due to pollen’s great values of vitamins B, E, C, and its antioxidants, minerals, fat acids

✔ stimulates fertility in women, as pollen contains folic acid, while also protecting the embryo during pregnancy

Wonder how you can consume raw pollen? Here some ideas:

  • Add to your morning smoothies / shakes
  • Goes great with yoghurt, salads, oatmeal
  • Mix it with honey and propolis – great medicine for sore throats, coughs etc.
  • You can just take in a teaspoon of raw pollen grains and drink some water afterwards to swallow it more easily

Tracking nutritional info?

For those who are interested about the nutritional facts, found some on beebaltic.com:

Nutritional Information per 100g

Energy | 314 Kcal 1314 kj
Fat | 4.85 g
– of which saturates 3.45 g
Carbohydrate | 43.8 g
– of which sugars 21 g
Dietary Fiber | 7.7 g
Protein | 24.2 g
Salt | 32 mg

Conservation & storage

It’s important that raw pollen is kept at low temperatures (between -5ºC și -18ºC), so I keep it in the freezer, but don’t worry, the seeds won’t freeze, as they don’t contain much water, so you can consume it right away.

I hope you find this article useful and maybe you can accommodate a new healthy habit into your lifestyle. What do you say? 🙂 Speaking of, what health-related rituals do you have? How do you start your mornings?

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