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Let me introduce you to… #1 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Rebirth

From the “Breathing Underwater” lyrics that Emeli Sande so extraordinarily sings directly to the heart, to Andra Day’s “Rise up” which gives that energy of invincibility against all the odds one might encounter along their journey in life, to my all-time hymn, that’s been with me in moments of both peace and war with myself and the world – “River”, by Leon Bridges. And some more.

Note: Main part of this article was written before the entire world was hit by the pandemic and, thus, by this change in lifestyle that impacts many areas of our lives. The theme was inspired mostly by the “coming back to life” of my editorial project, which I had left aside for a bit over a year. Rebirth was the theme of me starting to write again for public eyes, the theme of rethinking my purpose and also the maturing of my creative perspective. 

Now, I feel it’s more than that. Looking out there, in the world, I see it’s a rebirth we are all slowly approaching, with changing and even reinventing many of the things we knew before. We don’t know what’s coming after all this crisis, but surely, in some ways, we won’t be the same. It is, however, a chance for us to do better by ourselves, by our communities, by the world.

Soundtracks to our lives

Sam Cooke’s “A change is gonna come” is probably on the playlist of anyone who has ever been looking for a way to restart, reinvent, redo their lives, of anyone who’s reached a dead end, persisted for a while in their own numbness and confusion, of anyone who’s biting hard into that hope that their tomorrow will somehow look differently.

As a way to slide into this new chapter of my creative journey, I thought of the thing that has always managed to heal me, to push me forward and give me the energy I needed – music. I’ve called myself a “music explorer” many times, only to highlight my multifaceted musical gusto and not, by any chance, some music-know-it-all, but I’m merely someone who just puts a sound to a thought or a feeling or a scene.

I always look for some kind of redemption in music. Healing. Forgiveness. Starting over. Crying tears of happiness and laughing laughs of joy whenever I open my heart to my inner world and the one around me. 

There’s so much beauty in the sound, in the words that are sung, in all the ways the mix of the two soothes your existence and gives you strength. Still, music is a personal, intimate experience, so there might be different sounds in store for each of us to attach to our stories.

For instance, many times, I find myself contemplating a moment in time or space, an encounter with someone dear, a landscape, strangers in the street, a ray of sunshine falling over my face, the dance of a tree’s branches… and I suddenly hear a song in my mind that somehow completes that scene. I truly am my mind’s movie scorer.

What I know for sure is that music has that power – to make the impossible seem possible and bring sense into people’s hearts. To give meaning to anything that’s even remotely relevant to us. And I want to think that this is a universal belief.

On that account, I’d love to invite you into my soundlusting universe, where I intend to create stories through music, about things that describe random sides of what a creative & conscious living means to me – and hopefully you’ll find yourself inspired by the selection of tunes.

A monthly musical storyboard

Every month, I’ll present you a new curated playlist, each made around a specially chosen theme, including artists from different times, spaces and genres, with tunes that stay with you throughout the days and give you the inspiration to create memorable moments for yourself. 

The first theme of the LAUREL Monthly Soundlust is, as the title and the first lines of this post might have anticipated, “Rebirth”. 

Mainly, I have looked for that pump-in-the-chest kind of feeling, that calls all the butterflies back into your stomach whenever you think about that thing you love and dream of doing for the rest of your life. Or that feeling of finally breathing the air you deprived yourself of by staying in a place, situation, relationship where you couldn’t find your soul anymore and needed to break out.

This playlist is composed of songs that were all that for me and maybe you too will find them inspiring in a way or another. From the “Breathing Underwater” lyrics that Emeli Sande so extraordinarily sings directly to the heart, to Andra Day’s “Rise up” which gives that energy of invincibility against all the odds one might encounter along their journey in life, to my all-time hymn, that’s been with me in moments of both peace and war with myself and the world – “River”, by Leon Bridges. And some more. 

I hope you enjoy this month’s soundlust and, should you have any songs that you might find fit for this theme, make sure you add them in the comment area below. Since it’s a curated playlist, I will select the ones who seem to go hand in hand with the overall vibe of the theme, but sure will keep all of them in mind for future references.

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Finally, I invite you to follow LAUREL on Spotify and also the monthly playlist below, so it’ll remain saved into your personal profile, for whenever you might wanna listen to it.

Thank you all for reading and listening.

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