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#2 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Home

As I was thinking what theme I should choose for this LAUREL Monthly Soundlust, it came to me in an instant, and not alone, but with a rainfall of emotions – Home. This one conveys an entire canvas of feelings and states of being, unique to each of us.

One of the most used words in the past few months since our worlds have been turned upside down by the pandemic is… “home”, in various ensembles and hashtags across the internet, like: “stay home” or “work from home” or “I miss home”. But what is home, really?

Evidently, the first thing that pops up into everybody’s mind is that place you sleep in and wake up in the morning. Still, there is so much more to it than a simple pin on a map.

As I was thinking what theme I should choose for this LAUREL Monthly Soundlust, it came to me in an instant, and not alone, but with a rainfall of emotions – Home.

I don’t know if there’s a more meaningful word out there in the world of words than “home”, as this one conveys an entire canvas of feelings and states of being, unique to each of us.

Come home

I remember when I heard Jason Mraz singing one of my sister’s favorite songs in a live concert we attended some years ago in Bucharest (while both me and sis would try not to make noises with our funny weeping noses):

Every road is a slippery slope
There is always a hand that you can hold on to
Looking deeper through the telescope
You can see that your home’s inside of you

Just know
That wherever you go
No, you’re never alone
You will always get back home

That idea of always being able to < come home > has sparked some strong emotions, as many people out there in the world right now are waiting to hop on a plane and just go home. Or are waiting for someone to come join them. Home to where all the loved ones are, where breakfasts taste better, where mother’s hugs are, home to where love is.

Music from beyond the boundaries

My notion of home has expanded in so many magnificent ways, even aside from all this pandemic situation – either created around being together with all my family, with my closest friends or just being with myself, searching for ways to stay truly connected with the inner and outer world.

I tried to tap into these different perspectives in the new selection of songs for the Monthly Soundlust, as “Home” is no longer a reference to a physical place, but to a sense of security, protection, unconditional love, care, nurture and togetherness. These jewels of the heart know no geographical boundaries, because they transcend to wherever they are called for, and music is just something that accompanies them in their otherworldly travels.

Togetherness and belonging

We are together, no matter how far” is what me and my family have been saying all the months we didn’t see each other in person. It was our favorite thing to say to keep our positivity up.

Despite the hardship of being away physically for such a long time from our loved ones, we learned to adapt to new circumstances. We are always adapting. The moment we leave for college away from our parents’ home, the moment we go on a longer trip, the moment we move in with somebody or the moment we’ve found ourselves living alone. We adapt and it is up to us to build that sense of home, wherever we go, wherever we are.

The liaison between us and a “home” is the pure taste of belonging. It’s rooted deep inside our hearts and nurtured by whatever goodness we’re surrounding ourselves with. So let’s all remember this when we feel “far away from home”. It begins with us.

From expressions of care, love and support towards another found in the lines of Bill Withers’ “Lean on me”, to that reminiscing scene in the Captain Fantastic movie, where the entire family would play “Sweet child of mine” like it’s the best cradle lullaby, or the energy of James Blunt’s “Bonfire heart”, reminding us to cherish the one we call our friends. We should not take that lightly.

Nevertheless, I invite you to make sense of every song included in this collection through your own lens of looking at things and understanding.

I hope you are home, wherever you are.

Enjoy listening!

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P.S. You can explore more beautiful tunes in the first collection from LAUREL Monthly Soundlust series, Rebirth.

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