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#11 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Light. “It’s almost like a spiritual renewal”

“Light”, the theme for April’s LAUREL Monthly Soundlust, marks the 11th edition of this musical series. Inspired by nature’s revival in springtime, blessed by light and solar energy, the newly curated playlist encompasses a sense of hope, optimism, acceptance and love.

Chill, easy-going and soft tunes encapsulate this April’s collection of the LAUREL Monthly SoundlustLight, its 11th edition, covering acoustic folk and indie/alternative songs that animate our spirit, either through beautiful, meaningful lyrics or through their melody and rhythm.  

Breathing in light

That morning light. That holy morning light, sneaking through the lashes as you shyly open your eyes. That light that touches your face and gently puts energy bits in every corner of your being.

That light that makes you feel like you could move mountains with just one stretch of the arms and the whole day lays in front of you like a blank canvas.

That light you see at the end of what seemed a never-ending tunnel.

That light that caresses the earth, giving every seed the confidence to grow and eventually break the ground into full rising.

I’ve always believed that we have so much to learn about life itself when we spend a little time reconnecting with nature, especially during spring, when you can sense the whole process of becoming.

In spring, everything regenerates. Everything turns inside out and whatever was hiding behind the dark curtains of fear, worry, overthinking, now it can break free and just be.

When light flows through you, you can feel its invigorating energy. It’s almost like a spiritual renewal, that sets a new tone and cleanses your body and mind. 

I know that this is rarely a pain-free process. Remember, however, that you have a voice, a presence that is needed for this world to keep going forward, just like light is needed for the natural world to come back to life.

Clear your path. Learn from your darkness, but confidently step into the light.

Sounds of Light

This collection brings together songs that evoke a plethora of possible meanings, from letting go of the past, of whatever doesn’t serve us anymore, to embracing change with a heart full of love and hope.

It’s been a long dark night
And I’ve been a-waitin’ for the morning
It’s been a long hard fight
But I can see a brand new day a dawning
And I’ve been looking for the sunshine
‘Cause I ain’t seen it in so long
Everything’s gonna work out just fine
Everything’s gonna be all right
That’s been all wrong.” — The Wailin’ Jennys, Light of a Clear Blue Morning (originally by Dolly Parton)

If some songs pull off the curtains letting the sun in, others remind us of the power that comes from knowing we are not alone in our journey. Understanding this, we can move forward with the belief that, even if our rising depends solely on our internal motivation, there’s so much a simple comforting word or embrace can do.

Light is a music collection about that space in between what’s been and what’s about to be, about finding strength in the vulnerability when we’re about to break out of our grounds. It’s about the greatest lesson of courage and rising up that only spring can so poetically vivify.

The acoustic guitars, sweet & tender voices, both mellow and upbeat rhythms, the surprising appearance of Vivaldi’s Spring symphony, all come together into a beautiful interpretation of what it’s like to awake and step into the light, to embrace the light and, eventually, be the light.

I hope you find inspiration in these songs I’ve selected and may they join you in your morning rituals or throughout the day when you need a safe place to lend your worries on.

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