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#7 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Timefulness

This month’s theme for LAUREL Monthly Soundlust - Timefulness - finds us reclaiming our living space, our energy, our emotions, learning to find joy in the ordinary things of our everyday lives and, why not, wrap them in a cinematic vibe for an extra taste of fun and playfulness.
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#6 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Courage

In life, there are things that just happen and then there are the things that happen beyond an act of courage. If last month we touched ground with the idea of Foundations for our regular curated playlist - a theme that’s expressing our “Why”, our essence, our motivation -, the current edition goes about our “How” and what it takes to build the life that we want, achieve the things that we dream of, find our balance and our own sense of happiness. Here’s the story of the 6th LAUREL Monthly Soundlust - Courage.
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#5 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Foundations

Inspired by the arrival of autumn, with all its glorious colors, its unique expressions of nature, but also by the way gardeners welcome it into their seasonal cycle of seeding and planting, this October’s edition of LAUREL Monthly Soundlust taps into the idea of slowly turning our focus inwards and see what really matters to us, what our life’s foundation is made of and what further value we can add to it.
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#4 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Wander

Curious like a child, I take my eyes for a slow-motion spin to absorb all the beauty around me. The grandeur of the mountains and the never ending greenery filled my being with so much energy and sense of wonder, it completely left me in awe. Hence, this month’s chosen theme for LAUREL Monthly Soundlust - Wander - is inspired by our soul’s evergreen desire to explore and “insplore”, under the guiding pulse of nature.
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#3 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Sunflower

May we welcome August with a special theme for LAUREL Monthly Soundlust - Sunflower. A symbol of the late summer landscape, of sunshine and positivity, of strength and hopefulness, of love and friendship, the sunflower is always seeking the light of the sun.
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#2 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Home

As I was thinking what theme I should choose for this LAUREL Monthly Soundlust, it came to me in an instant, and not alone, but with a rainfall of emotions - Home. This one conveys an entire canvas of feelings and states of being, unique to each of us.
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Let me introduce you to… #1 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Rebirth

From the “Breathing Underwater” lyrics that Emeli Sande so extraordinarily sings directly to the heart, to Andra Day’s “Rise up” which gives that energy of invincibility against all the odds one might encounter along their journey in life, to my all-time hymn, that’s been with me in moments of both peace and war with myself and the world - “River”, by Leon Bridges. And some more.
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