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An act of courage

With the new LAUREL Monthly Soundlust out now, I got inspired by the theme of Courage and the words kept free falling from my fingers. In this short piece, I’d like to mention a few of the things that I was reminded of when writing the story of the song list.

With the new LAUREL Monthly Soundlust out now, I got inspired by the theme of Courage and the words kept free falling from my fingers.

In some of these lines, I can see my soul, my experience, just like I see people that I deeply care about in my life that have gone through very different, but yet so meaningful journeys. I honor them, I honor myself just the same, and I hope that more people are encouraged to embrace their own inner spark and make their life worth living. Free like a bird.

Somewhere, beyond a wall, there’s the courage… 

To take a chance on yourself, even when others don’t.

To sit down with your fears and doubts and work through them.

To believe in your craft with all your heart, enough to put it out there for the world to see.

To find your own sense of stability in working on your dream, honoring the challenge that this new marathon presents itself with.

To accept that your profession does not define who you’ve become anymore and start something new.

To seek and understand the hard truths, both within and out there in the world.

To let go of things, places, people, moments that no longer align with your soul.

To love whole-heartedly and accept to be vulnerable.

To learn a new kind of love, something like you’ve never known before, and let yourself grow with it.

To take a step forward, bigger than your breath, in the name of love and to let it embrace you with all its magic.

To look in the mirror, show love and compassion to yourself.

To face loss, to look grief right in the eye and walk with it until you’re ready to move onward.

To be away from all you ever knew and learn to be present.

To explore new layers of patience when everything seems to rush away.

To fight bitterness with compassion, kindness and love.

To live a life of laughter and gratitude, despite the hardships that life might throw at you.

To push through even in the darkest hours.

To always choose love.

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