A glimpse of LAUREL

LAUREL is an online publication, a journal of conscious and creative living, dedicated to the ones who explore the wonders of their inner world, as much as they are curious about the beautiful world that surrounds them, in a mindful and creative way.

Embracing a new start

Sometimes, all we need is to take a step back and admire the view. See where we should march next and plan our next adventure. LAUREL is the new face and spirit of what CreativeHumans.net used to be, but in a more invigorated and close to the heart kind of way. I hope you join me in the new journey and discover, together, how to tap more into the beauty of leading a conscious & creative living.

What you will find on LAUREL

Here, at LAUREL, the love for words travels through different times and spaces, in a journey where we’re exploring and understanding what means to build a more conscious and creative living, by looking both inside and outside of ourselves.

From debating ideas on how we can live a more balanced life, to exploring the wonders of nature and the world around us, to diving into the beauty of sound, all the while we’re learning how to care more about our minds and bodies.

Check the main content categories below.


We’ll be taking trips around the inner world, on what makes our spirit alive and the things that inspire us towards a more conscious and slower living.


Seeing through the beautiful gifts of nature and the world around us, discovering new & old natural scenery, urban tastes and charming country life.

Creative drive

There’s no doubt that there is a creative force inside each of us, manifesting in its unique way. We’ll explore ideas and focus on integrating creativity in our lives.

A healthy world starts at home

Building a world that is healthy and growing strong needs to start with each of us switching our bad habits into good ones, by being active both physically and mentally. We’ll focus on how to keep a healthy body & mind and teach by example, with no fear of tapping into our struggles as well.


Monthly inspiring playlists, podcast recommendations and talks on the power of sound

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