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#7 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Timefulness

This month’s theme for LAUREL Monthly Soundlust – Timefulness – finds us reclaiming our living space, our energy, our emotions, learning to find joy in the ordinary things of our everyday lives and, why not, wrap them in a cinematic vibe for an extra taste of fun and playfulness.

Imagine waking up one morning, right in the middle of winter settling in. You pull out the curtains and suddenly see just how gloomy some days during this time of the year can get. All you can gather in those first moments of awakening to a new day are the stubborn remains of the first snow on top the nearby buildings, the faded colors all around and a deaf silence in the sky.

However, something in you rises like a sun on a sweet, bright summer morning, drawing the lines of a smile on your still sleepy face. You realize that even this dull weather you keep looking at has something to give. A sense of timefulness.

Twenty-twenty: closing time

My dear friends, here we are, welcoming the final month of this way too strange year. A year that’s put our minds, our hearts, our lives and relationships into great challenges. We explored many states of mind, many emotions and situations as diverse as the trees in a forest, but looking at time as a friend can give a touch of extraordinary to the ordinary.

And that’s what I want to portray here. This month’s theme for LAUREL Monthly SoundlustTimefulness – finds us reclaiming our living space, our energy, our emotions, our connections with the outer world through this universe of things that we have, knowingly or unknowingly, built inside of us, during a time that stretched its veins in front of us, asking us for understanding and patience.

While I am aware that this whole experience has been so vastly different for each one of us, I personally believe that we were, in a sense, “pushed” to find joy in the ordinary; to take things more slowly, to find ways to enjoy and be grateful for the presence of our families / partners and especially our own, to get better at filtering out the noise and making room for more purposeful living.

As far as my personal experience goes, I tried to make my time worthwhile, but not in a way where I’d always keep myself “busy”. On the contrary – it was about never letting a day pass without at least a droplet of love, light and rest, it was about being intentional with my time, even in those moments where all I did was sitting on the couch or dancing around the house. I tried to keep having fun with the ordinary things of each day, I looked for ways to continue to grow and be grateful for everything that I have in my life. But most of all, I wanted to keep a sense of playfulness in my daily life.

Soundtracks of a homebody

To me, music has been a great part of going through this period, of understanding the beauty of this time that we’ve been given (basically, to see the glass half full). 

For instance, I’ve come to a new level of love towards classical music, because, even more than before, it helped me release a lot of tension, focus better and be more present (* I still have pinned this idea of a classical music special edition, so keep close if you’re also buddies with Chopin and Bach).

This edition of the Monthly Soundlust is, more than anything else, a collection of romantic and bohemian moods, with not so much paying attention to the lyrics, but to the melodies, the voices, the whole vibe. Timefulness collection, for me, kind of sets the scene for a simple, yet grandiose everyday living. 

Therefore, I looked for songs and sounds that bring about that certain old movie vibe that can turn an ordinary moment into something special, especially when it’s combined with a bit of romance and nostalgia, but in a playful and even flirtatious way.

Connecting the idea of timefulness and this musical selection makes me think that, beyond the worries and the reality that we’re facing everyday, we can also open ourselves to a little bit more dreaming, take the role of a screenwriter or a movie director once in a while, building beautiful stories inspired by our own life.


So let’s go back to the beginning, to that early dull morning, when you woke up with that surprising smile on your face. Imagine putting this playlist on and start flirting with those morning hours. Dance, sing, hum, get undressed of your past night dreams, start the new day with a thirst for writing more of your story.

Oh, and when the evening comes, you might want to seduce your nightly time into tackling some intimate conversations about all the ordinary things you found beautiful that day.

To be honest, I’ve never imagined that romanticizing this everyday monotony would become so spectacular and so far from boring. That’s because, when time is spent with intention and a curious, conscious mind (but also with inspiring music), nothing is, in fact, monotonous or dull.

My wish for you is to fall in love with the little things of everyday life. Stop rushing everything around. Allow yourself some good ol’ unexplainable magic and leave room for the serendipitous.

I hope this song list finds you well and makes you feel even better. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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