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#4 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Wander

Curious like a child, I take my eyes for a slow-motion spin to absorb all the beauty around me. The grandeur of the mountains and the never ending greenery filled my being with so much energy and sense of wonder, it completely left me in awe. Hence, this month’s chosen theme for LAUREL Monthly Soundlust – Wander – is inspired by our soul’s evergreen desire to explore and “insplore”, under the guiding pulse of nature.

A few days ago, I returned from a very lovely vacation with two of my dearest friends, spent mostly surrounded by the holy sky, the nature and the sweet air of late summer. Wherever we went, be it in the mountains, cities or the countryside, we always looked for even the tiniest chance to wander, to admire, to be present, to celebrate our time together, but also sit with ourselves.

There were days wrapped in so much beauty, so much cause for marvel and excitement, that when I finally got back home, I had to pause everything and just take it all in. That is why it took me a little while more to sit in front of my computer and prepare the next music collection for September. Anyway, here we are.

Wonder never ceases when wandering

Wander encapsulates bits and pieces of thoughts and emotions gently sucked out of my vacation memory pages. The memories I’ve lived walking with my friends on the mountain trail, surrounded by an immensity of green, covered in light, breathing the fresh air, laughing and staring in amazement at the landscapes laying in front of our eyes.

This musical collection contains songs that reveal a certain mood for travel and exploration, for joy and togetherness, but also for honoring the inner journey that we go through whenever we step out there, into the world. 

That journey where we’re constantly looking for answers, where we find lost loves or manage to let go of whatever doesn’t serve us anymore, where we get to say “thank you” more often to ourselves and forgive the little slips along the way. That journey where we refill our inspiration and creativity tanks, well enough to return to our endeavours with a whole new energy and commitment.

As for the musical style I went for, overall, you could notice a folkish vibe throughout the playlist, one that fits naturally into the outdoorsy scene, awakening the nomadic spirit in an explorer’s heart. However, I couldn’t leave out certain tunes that inspired me in my little getaway, from the fantastic voice and lyrics of Florence, to the strings and blissfulness in Ben Howard’s “Old Pine”, to some of those quirky pop songs that have nothing to do with anything, but you keep humming in your mind while trekking (“Ceciiiiliaaa, you’re breaking my heart”) :))

Also, I couldn’t forget how road tripping with my tribe has resurfaced “Every breaking wave” (from U2), a beautiful song we stumbled upon in our little “musical roulette” game, and I’m adding it here to remind us of our creative journey together and how wandering through life as friends keeps us forever inspired.

Without further ado, I’m gonna leave you to enjoy the new LAUREL Soundlust, in your own way and interpretation. And remember, just because summer is already saying its farewells, it doesn’t mean we stop exploring. Keep feeding your wanderlusting spirit, your curiosity. Know that looking at seasons changing is just like looking at yourself evolving, in your own transcendence to a different you.

I hope you enjoy listening to Wander.

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