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#17 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Chance 

Discover “Chance” – 17th LAUREL Monthly Soundlust – indie-acoustic songs, filled with warmth, lovingness, quietude, wonder, and a sense of hominess.

By the time the calendar turned its days into weeks, and ideas into stardust, I honestly believed that this month’s edition of the soundlust would be the great disruptor of a solid line of sixteen (16!) already published stories of song and word, and simply be passed over.

Part of me got mildly alarmed to see that thought turn into reality and, just like that, songs gathered into a new playlist, no theme in mind, just a vibe. A very autumnal vibe of coziness, of comfort, and understanding that needs no extra explanation.

Chance, the 17th edition of LAUREL Monthly Soundlust, is a music collection filled with droplets of warmth, lovingness, quietude, wonder, and a sense of hominess. Tuning in some beautiful indie acoustic sounds, the kind of music you’d listen to on a quiet evening, pampered with your favorite autumn aromas around the house, in the company of whoever brings a sense of home to your heart – be it yourself or someone else.

I named this soundlust “Chance” as a sweet reminder to take that leap of faith once in a while, surrender to the present moment, and trust that your heart knows best. Sometimes, the great unknown can open up new and exciting vistas for you, just as much as a comforting embrace you didn’t know you needed, or a sense of what is possible when you might’ve lost faith.

Chance is also about those serendipitous life encounters, that can happen even in the darkest days. Like the time your path crosses another’s in the most spellbound experience when no questions need to be asked, but all of that moment to be lived, or that time your senses are blown away by the mere presence in a fall-colored forest, in the midst of a seasonal spectacle. What a wondrous kind of living! 

Beyond any state of angst or negativity, there are things so beautiful and stories filled with so much tenderness, that one cannot simply ignore.

This edition simply invites all of us to sit still for a little while, take it slow, be in the now, warm our spirits up with all that’s good and loveful, and take a chance once in a while. At least for a moment, whatever it might last.

Now, why won’t you light some candles, put on some fluffy socks, pour yourself some ginger tea or a hot chocolate, and make yourself feel truly at home. 


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