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#14 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Wind

The 14th LAUREL Monthly Soundlust – Wind – invites you to release all the pressure you’ve been feeling and the overthinking you’ve been doing, and be carried away for a moment or two, be one with the wind.

A merciless young rascal is the Wind.” (Vasile Alecsandri, The Wind)

In the thick of a stressful time, sporadically showered in overthinking, projections and indecipherable noise, you somehow manage to find a bit of peacefulness and quietude. You don’t know how, but you find your way to a pause button and not spend another moment thinking about whether you should press it or not. You release all your heavy energy into it and become one with the wind.

Wind, an ode to the pause

Did you know that in old English, “wind” meant “breath”? It’s also said, in certain mythological stories, that the winds are the breath of the gods, broadcasting their words, their thoughts, their wisdom across lands, blessing people with a sense of divinity.

Breathe in, breathe out.

The wind – it carries you. It carries you through time and space, through other winds from all over the place, creating something that resembles a station of breaths and whispered thoughts.

This theme of “Wind” carries many meanings and most of them have to do with the expression of control and the letting go of it, whatsoever. You cannot control the wind, you cannot make it stop, so it’s just like a phase of life that’s imminent and it’s up to you to decide how you react to it, how you adapt to it and make yourself a distant observer, a partner or a fighter against it.

Sometimes, when the winds are strong and sharp, our spirits and bodies contract in resistance and protection, we become inherently still, but patient, and so it creates a natural sense of equilibrium.

The winds can be both soothing and scary, both healing and damaging, but they’re a source of inspiration in ways so vast and powerful.


Lately, I’ve been in a more laissez-faire mode, trying to enjoy whatever came my way, mainly when connected with nature. Stay centered and do whatever feels right within, not force things or actions that my intuition rejects. No extra plans, no agenda. Just being an active witness of my surroundings, moving along with the path, the wind, the sun and the moon.

I spent endless moments gazing at the slow movements of summer flowers, in their prolonged silhouette waltzed around by the soft summer breeze, mimicking their rhythm and aligning my breath with it.

The sound of Wind

For this edition of the Monthly Soundlust, I wanted to encapsulate some tunes that create space for breathing, for letting go, for embracing what it is that grounds us, for spreading wings above the sky.

The sounds and songs chosen for this edition bring together different genres, from the usual folk and indie sounds I’ve already accustomed you to, to an entire meditation session reserved for the end. The 14th LAUREL Monthly SoundlustWind – invites you to release some of that pressure and overthinking, and be carried away for a moment or two.

P.S. It’s almost no coincidence that in a few days I’ll embark on a two-winged journey across Europe, in the land of windmills, celebrating new beginnings, new life, and strong connections.

 Wind beneath our wings, am I right?

Fly on.

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