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#10 LAUREL Monthly Soundlust: Aquamarine. Spring tranquility and healing

March edition of the LAUREL Monthly Soundlust – Aquamarine (edition number 10) is inspired by the large spectrum of this month’s symbolic gemstone, with the whole process of welcoming spring into nature – both for the outer and inner environment.

I often joke with my friends about the process of me researching themes for the Monthly Soundlust, because I can’t ever seem to choose something simple, like… “90s hits playlist” (which I’d totally nail, btw, just give me a shoutout) or “midnight headphone-party-in-the-living-room tunes” for you restless souls out there. So here I am, choosing yet another cryptic theme for this month’s music collection – Aquamarine. Yep, like the gemstone.

Why Aquamarine?

As I was exploring ideas related to the transformation of nature during this time of year and our transition to spring, I found something really interesting about March and its rich palette of motifs.

Not only is March a month when all gardeners become busy-bees planting their bulbs and seeds, but it is also represented by more mystical stuff like a seasonal flower or color or… a gemstone. This brings us to Aquamarine – the first birthstone of March (the second being the Bloodstone). The aquamarine is a semi-precious crystal stone, resembling the moonstone or, as some have put it, “the poor man’s blue diamond”. 

For those of you who have ever come across the rich symbolism of crystals and their use in various alternative therapies, there are some super interesting things this blue-greenish gemstone symbolizes: from tranquility and clarity to healing and vitality.

The aquamarine has everflowing energy that brings a sense of peacefulness, tranquility, protection and optimism. It purifies the space, like spring cleans and restores the natural environment, it calms the heart and brings peace of mind.

It’s said that the aquamarine was the lucky stone of sailors, because they believed it protected them from the dangers of the deep waters. Also, it was associated with the healing qualities of the water, both for the oceans (as they are our source for life) and for the lands. The water cleans and nourishes the lands, the roots and helps plants grow.

This whole interpretation of symbols is really fascinating once you start reading about it, so it inspired me to search for more soothing, fairy-like, whimsical sounds.

Sounds of the Aquamarine

In this playlist, I wanted to find songs that capture some of that tranquility and eerieness of the aquamarine’s motifs, fluidly intertwining with the feminine energy this stone also symbolizes.

In Aquamarine, you’ll find both lyrical and purely instrumental tunes, ethereal voices, harps and pianos, the cadence and power of a spoken word recital, the mysticality of Celtic music, but also some songs with verses that remind us of trusting our path, starting anew, and letting everything unfold.

Voices like Enya, Florence Welsh, Amy Lee, or even the young Billie Eilish, come together in this collection like a choir of fairies that bless the earth with healing drops of inspiration. The piano sequences in the playlist remind us much of a quiet sea wave, calm and soothing, or of a sprout breaking out of its seed.

This is a playlist to join us on our spring scented days, on our daily strolls with our headphones on, observing nature rebirthing while enjoying an intimate and magical musical experience.

I hope you enjoy it and make space for growing this spring.

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